Windows 11 is now finally officially available for download . Microsoft’s new operating system was announced through an unveiling on June 24. The new upgrade comes with the Fluent design language, among other things. Users who want to get started can find the operating system between updates or on the official Windows website.


Windows 11 is packed with new features. To start with, the updates will be reduced by up to forty percent, making Windows 11 Microsoft’s most secure operating system to date. In addition, interaction with the system becomes easier. The taskbar is optimized for touch controls, so the system performs equally well on tablets. The Start menu, called The Dock , is also in the middle, making it a little more accessible with your mouse. There are also new multitask features. Multiple windows can now be pinned to the screen in various ways. With Snap Layouts you can now arrange your windows into columns or divide your desktop into multiple work areas. This way you can work with your windows the way you want. There is now a much improved health app available in the Settings. There, Windows 11 will recommend you to do things like turn down the brightness, enable power saving mode, and more.