Security Services en consulting

Email Security

Send and receive email securely for all your employees

Internet Security

Your employees and web applications safely online.

Identity & Privacy

Secure the identity of your users and the privacy of your customers.

Mobile Security

Your mobile devices protected, your employees safely mobile.

Cyber Security

Effective defense against tomorrow’s cyber threats.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Our experts combine insights from our customer’s business operations and industry with innovative technology to help their business flourish.

Security Management

Security and continuity of your company data

Digitalization, the rise of the cloud, cybercrime and corporate espionage make securing your business processes complex and expensive. In addition, these developments put pressure on the continuity of your company. In addition, information must be continuously available to employees and customers.


A penetration test or pen test is a test of one or more computer systems for vulnerabilities, whereby these vulnerabilities are actually used to break into these systems.

A penetration test takes place for a legitimate reason, with the consent of the owners and with the aim of making the systems more secure.
One way in which this can be done is, for example, by having a team of security specialists carry out a penetration test from ”outside”.
This means that the test is carried out through the passive collection of data and is completely without obligation. This test usually ends with nothing more than the name of the organization.
All information is obtained through Google searches and other open source information tools.

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