POD Monitored Team Support

Experience maximum value and effective IT support

At Chiefs of IT, we recognize the challenges of balancing limited resources, talent shortages, and time and budget constraints when it comes to hiring qualified engineers. We understand that it is not always feasible to invest in hiring, training and managing technicians for every specific skill set.


We Have A Solution For This – POD Monitored Team Support


POD Monitored Team Support by Chiefs of IT is a comprehensive IT support model tailored specifically for customers like yours.

With this model, you get a team of multi-talented engineers who provide you with effective IT support and enable you to grow and seize opportunities when you are ready.

The POD Monitored Team Support approach eliminates the need to hire technicians for each specific skill set, effectively addressing talent shortages and cost issues at the same time.

Maximum value is pretty much the essence here.

With POD you no longer have to choose between basic L1 support and costly L2 expertise. We offer you something in between – a highly skilled team that can go beyond L1 tasks without the expense of hiring an L2 engineer.

The POD Team Support Model gives you access to a team of skilled technicians who can handle your Helpdesk, Server and Network related tasks, so you don’t have to hire dedicated technicians for each specific skill set.

Custom Help Desk Support for Customers, Only the Resources Your Service Desk Needs

Our POD Monitored Team Support Model Provides A Solution That

  • Maximizes efficiency in IT support
  • Optimizes the use of resources
  • Eliminates resource management headaches
  • Eases the burden of hiring dedicated technicians for specific skills sets
  • Enabling business growth and scalability for customers

Our Typical POD team consists of:

L1 Helpdesk Technician
60% of the tasks)
L2 Network Technician and L2 System Technician ( 40% of tasks)
Technisch Account Manager
Account Manager

 Our Monitored IT Team at POD will work as an extension of your workforce, proactively improving your service delivery. It allows you to scale with confidence without sacrificing expertise or budget. 

How will an L1 engineer help you?

Working range:

Good command of the English language, interacts directly with customers, acknowledges their problems and creates tickets for them.



  • First-line support
  • Support for installation of desktops & applications
  • Resolving basic RMM warnings
  • Backup, MAV checks
  • Onboarding / Offboarding users according to SOPs
  • Active Directory, O365 user management

How will an L2 engineer help you?

Working range:

Experienced technicians who analyze problems and provide solutions to problems that cannot be addressed by L1



  • Advanced desktop support
  • Manage escalations
  • Server Management Firewall Management -Rule Creation
  • SSL VPN, Site2Site Settings, Web Filter Settings, etc.
  • Investigate server security events.

Waarom Is Het POD Model De Juiste Keuze Voor IT-ondersteuning

Comprehensive IT Support Made Simple

With the combined expertise of L1 and L2 engineers, the POD model provides well-rounded support that can effectively solve a wide range of IT issues, while ensuring proactive measures and much-needed peace of mind for you.

Fast Solutions, Streamlined Operations

Our proactive POD team will be committed to delivering rapid problem resolutions, minimizing disruptions to your customers. Maintain your business productivity while giving your customers the seamless service they deserve.

Ensure Cost Efficiency and Maximum Value

Let our L1 and L2 technicians use their combined capabilities to provide you with in-depth assistance and comprehensive IT support within your budget. Get maximum value and high-quality service tailored to your customers’ needs without breaking the bank.

Experience Controlled Growth & Scalability

While our POD team handles the technical operations tailored specifically to your requirements, you can take the lead and focus on business growth. Enjoy the freedom to grow and scale your business without sacrificing service quality.

Advanced Technical Competence

Rest assured that when complexity arises, our experienced L2 engineers have the skills and knowledge of best practices to efficiently handle the complicated technical challenges , ensuring uninterrupted operation for your customers.

Why Chiefs of IT?

We are not just another supplier, but an extension of your customer journey. We are here because you are here – and that is a fact. Our robust operational expertise, technical prowess, and unwavering focus on our PROCESS, PEOPLE, & TECHNOLOGY come together with a single purpose: propel MSPs to success.

Your SUCCESS is the core of our approach. Let’s unlock new dimensions of operational excellence by harmonizing your objectives with our expertise. With Chiefs of IT, your rise as a customer is not just a goal, but an assured outcome.