Our new IT team, which consists of interns this year, has been working hard to get the .nl domain up and running. After approval, a project plan was made for improvements and features that could be added. This entire process is done in WordPress Divi, a visual builder that is user-friendly for everyone, even non-developers.

After the first week, our developers created a layout for the new pages that were added to the website. An improvement proposal has been made with a detailed explanation of the functions and layout of the site. After this, we rolled up our sleeves and the home page was completely renovated. She made such a good impression that even the neighboring company requested a website renovation. After this, a new schedule was made with when the pages should be completed, including the content, so that no work was done outside schedule. On the “About us” page they have clearly explained who we are, what we do and what we stand for. They completed the website nicely and put the finishing touches on it within the agreed time.